Quality System

The Quality Management System gives the organization a focal point for promoting best practice and continuous improvement in accordance with Quality Policy of Hussain Group. The adoption of the quality control and management system is a strategic decision of Hussain Group. Varying needs, particular objectives of quality, the product provided and the processes employed influences the design and implementation of our quality control system.
Under the ISO Standards, we promote the adoption of a process approach when developing and improving the effectiveness of a quality management system, in order to enhance the customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirement. The process approach let us to understand and meeting requirements, obtaining result of process performance and effectiveness and improvement of different processes based on objective measurements.
For highest level of quality, Hussain Group emphasize on corrective and preventative action plan. To control the unexpected consequences and errors in the system, the centralized corrective action plan is taken and the concerned personnel immediately take the corrective action. The IT Department maintains the computerized database to keep records
The need of our spinning infrastructure is to produce yarn with quality meeting 100% to the specifications of the customers. The yarn should be engineered according to the desire specifications under International Standards of Quality. This can be achieved with intelligent quality testing and management systems, which monitor quality continuously and alert the personnel of department of ISO and production, whenever exceptions are encountered. This would reduce unnecessary loss of material due to the quick corrective response.