Weaving Profile


Looking ahead although we have an impressive history of growth, our focus is always on the future and not to rest on our laurels. We shall continue to meet the consistency and quality by closely monitoring the vital signs of our business along with new products. Hussain Group is proud of where we’ve been, and we are more excited about where we are going.

Hussain weaving is famous nationally and internationally due to his good quality. With Grace of Allah Hussain Mills has spreaded his product in almost all famous textile countries and we feel proud mentioned name Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal, France, China, Hong Kong, India, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and Unites States of America.
We are specialized in articles making:
Woven Grey Fabric, Dobby, Yarn Dyed with counts up to 600 threads for Sheeting, Apparel, Suiting and Home furnishing accessories with the elegance of Stretches, Bi-stretches, Reverse satins, Satins, Twills, Drills, Percale' B.F.C., Rib Stop and Herring bone & non Dobby Designing Items. Batcher motions are also used for specific piece length requirement.

We believe in research and experiments; our manufacturing unit use state-of-the-art looms and latest weaving techniques to achieve consistency and excellent quality in the fabrics.

Model: Tsudakumu ZAX – 9100 (Professional)

Loom Widths No. of Looms Options No. of Shafts on looms
190 cm / 75 inch 55 Leno 8 – 10 Shafts
210 cm / 83 inch 20 Leno 10 Shafts and 4 – 6 Colors
230 cm / 83 inch 6 Leno / Tuck in / Centre Leno Dobby / 4 Colors
280 cm / 110 inch 8 Leno / Tuck in 10 Shafts
340 cm / 134 inch 41 Leno / Tuck in / Centre Leno 10 Shafts
Total No. Of Looms 130    

Monthly capacity is approximate 1.800 million meters.
Warping (2 Machines
1) Benninger
Model: Ben Direct 1000
Creel Capacity: 1224 & 1088
2) Sectional Warping (From HI FANG)
With creel capacity 764 (Both for Narrow and Wider widths up to 134"
Model: Ben sizetec ZB28 KVD/KVD CT4/4/6 BB
Creel Capacity: 28 warp beams
Size box
No. of size boxes = 2
Type = Double dip & Pre wetting
Working width = 2400mm
Head Stock
Max. Working width between the flanger = 4000mm
Max. No of ends possible to run in sizing = 34272