Hussain Mills Limited (Spinning Unit-2)

HML Unit-2 was established in year 2001 to join Hussain Group with an investment of Rs.500 million. This unit is situated at 35-kilometer Bahawalpur Road , Fatima Nagar Multan. Now this unit is producing best quality of knitting & weaving, carded & combed yarn.
Capacity: HML-2 is running with 22032 spindles having capacity to produce 700,000 kgs yarn per month, two departments of 2 for 1 doubling.
Product: 100% cotton carded & combed best quality yarn for knitting and weaving, organic cotton yarn, 2/3 ply two for one, siro spun yarn, combed organic cotton yarn/Combed BCI cotton yarn, core Spun yarn (Lycra / Spandex)
Count Range: From 10/1 to 30/1, 2/3 plies two for one.
Brand: Bird Eye.
Competency: specialized in making yarn 20/1 carded & combed for knitting.
Export Markets Under Brand Name Bird Eye

  • United States
  • Europe
  • Hong Kong
  • Korea
  • China and Taiwan