How can I contact Hussain Group Officials for a personal contact?

You may visit our HML Mail page for this information, or use feedback form of our website. However if you feel that the information given in that section is inadequate please feel free to write us at the address:

How can I apply for Job in Hussain Group?

All the vacancies are announced in leading National newspapers and at our website in Career Opportunities section. You are advised to keep an eye on newspapers and visit to find available Job vacancy in Hussain Group.

How I can get customer registration to become online user of

If you are new customer or existing customer of Hussain Group, in both case, you first have to contact with your concerning person or department at Husain Group e.g with Marketing Department, Export Department. You have to follow their given instructions.

Developed in conjunction with

Being our online customer you can access all the document related to your contracts, reports etc. through a dedicated account on Moreover, online customers can put advance queries to us and send online orders.