Our History

We are one of the leading, renowned and recognized Textile Group from 1986 with a vision to create goodwill and a brand image for our company, our products and our country through establishing long term partnerships with suppliers and customers and in textile industry make our presence felt useful in all parts of the globe by conducting business within the framework of ethical business values and on our core business of textiles. We however will be ready to take upon all calling opportunities in international trade.
After getting start from two ginning factories in 1986, we developed parent unit of Hussain Group, known as Hussain Mills Limited Unit # 1 with 18,000 spindles which were purchased in a government bid. The main market of yarn of HML Unit # 1 was Japan and due to maximum export to Japan we got a award.To grow our business in 2001 we established another unit, know as Hussain Mills Limited Unit # 2, which is 20/1 based and also specialized for doubling of yarn and combed yarn. Production from this unit enable us to take a forward step to look at the market potential beyond Pakistan – the world market and to utilize the groups inherent yarn sourcing strengths to cater effectively.
In 2004 parent unit HML Unit # 1 expanded in its surrounding with Hussain Mills Limited Unit # 3. Hussain Mills Limited Unit # 3 consist 10,000 spindles and imported cotton is used for manufacturing of yarn.
Hussain Mills Limited (Unit # 4) is the first weaving unit of Hussain Group, and was established in the year 2006,This unit is located at Khanewal Kabir Wala Bypass, Khanewal Road, Multan.It consists of 130 looms(Tsudakoma ZAX – 9100 Professional) having different widths(75",83",90",110" & 134") for the production of Grey Fabric.
Hussain Mills Limited (Unit # 5) was established in the year 2005, located at 16.5 km, Khanewal Kabir Wala Bypass, Village Kohiwala, Tehsil Kabirwala. This unit is running with 20,640 spindles & producing excellent quality 100% Cotton Carded Yarn from NE 5/1 to 20/1 with the production capacity 890,000 Kg per Month.