Social Responsibility

The Hussain Group considers that the most important contribution it can make to the social and material progress of the city of Multan is in performing its primary activities as efficiently as possible. It will thereby endeavour to promote the economy of the city of Multan by developing of its business, where appropriate and feasible. In addition, the Hussain Group recognises its responsibility to take a constructive interest in societal matters which may relate to welfare of people of society.

Therefore, Hussain Group is always actively participating in the social and health activities of employees of each Unit of the Group and also for people of the city of Multan. The management of the Hussain Group concerns the most important issues on which the actions are always urgently taken, include environment, health and hygiene, elimination of child labor, education of children of employees, remuneration of employees, and the living and working conditions for the employees.

  • Hospital
  • School
  • Play Grounds
  • Utility Store
  • Social Security Council
  • Workers Health
  • Safety and Environment


Utility Store

For the welfare of employees, one Utility Store has been established in the colony of Hussain Mills Limited Unit # 1 with the cooperation of Utility Stores Corporation (USC) of Pakistan. The opening ceremony of Utility Store was held on December 22, 2006 in which Mian Hussain Ahmed Fazal, Director Hussain Group, was the chief guest..


Safty And Environment

We endeavor to conduct and run our business in such a way to protect the health and safety of its employees, people in society and other persons affected by its activities, as well as to protect the environment, minimize pollution and seek improvement in the efficient use of natural resources.

In full compliance with the laws of health, safety and environment, we pursue policies of systematic and continuous improvement in the measures taken to protect the health, safety and environment of those who may be affected by its activities and it will apply more stringent standards and procedures where the Hussain Group considers it appropriate to do so.

We has established a Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Policy and is guided in the conduct of its business by the principle that Health, Safety and Environmental Protection forms an integral part of all the other primary business objectives.

Workers Health

The health issues of the employees who work in the production department are considered especially by providing appropriate working conditions and dust free environment. The production departments are equipped with automatic waste removal and dust filtration equipments. The management of Hussain Group is particularly concerned with the maintenance of the required healthy atmospheric conditions of temperature and humidity in order to reduce the dust and maintain the clean and hygienic environment for the workers. Each worker (and visitor) of Production Departments is provided a Mask for getting clean and hygienic breath during working in production department.

Social Security Council

In the perspective of social care, employees are covered under the Government Social Security Council. With the Security Schemes, it become ease for employees to get their social benefits and rights according to the government policies and laws for labor. Therefore, the management of the Hussian Mills Ltd. has initiated a comprehensive labor and employees performance programmes. A number of techniques to measure for the welfare of labour community and healthy working environment are being implemented according to the social security policies of Government of Pakistan.

Play Ground

The employees are encouraged to participate in games and sports activities, which cover cricket, football, hockey, kabaddi, badminton, volleyball and weightlifting. These activities make the leisure hours of employees profitable. A play-ground is reserve for the different kinds of games. The play-ground is fully grassed and facilitated with appropriate sports necessities. Every weekend sports are held in which the employees of Hussain Group participate enthusiastically.



The management of Hussain Group is particularly interested to provide the educational facilities for the children of employees, as a necessary need of them.Therefore, a high school is situated in the colony area of Hussain Mills Limited, both at Unit - 1 and Unit - 2, so that Hussain Group can help the government and society to eliminate the child labor issue from society. The students of school are facilitating with pleasant learning conditions and under guideline of qualified teachers. At school, students are provided free of cost books and other stationery.



A hospital known as Fazal-ur-Rehman Foundation is situated at Mumtaz Abad, Multan. This hospital is fully facilitated with qualified doctors and equipments and is working round the clock to provide medical facilities to ailing employees of Hussain Group. Employees enrollment in health insurance plans helps protect employees and their covered family members against the rising cost of medical care. Hussain Group typically offers its employees the opportunity to participate in a managed health care program by giving them hospital facilities. All medical benefit options offer employees the flexibility to choose a plan and tier of coverage that works best for them.